How “Plandemic” Mesmerized Millions

Photo by Tarik Haiga (Unsplash)

Plandemic is proof that a well-packaged product can connect to a larger audience and what you are selling is not as important as how you are selling it.

If you were lucky enough to view the new web documentary before Facebook and Youtube began their mass purging of the video then you may believe you have become more enlightened to the lucrative side of big pharma and the complexities of how they instigate world pandemics in order to reap the profits of the poisonous vaccines they produce. On the other hand, you probably had a good laugh at the Illuminati-style conspiracy and James Bond-like screenplay being pushed by a very discredited scientist and anti-vaccine activist.

Judy Mikovits is the subject in question, who lays out the premise that Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the COVID-19 task force for the Trump Administration, is colluding with the pharmaceutical industry to create new viruses and make people dependent on vaccines that will ultimately kill them or cause them serious harm.

Within days of its release, it had accumulated millions of views. Major news organizations and fact-checking sites were critical of the video, debunking much of the science espoused by Dr Mikovits as dangerous and unproven. Furthermore, her claims of tragedy and victimization she attributed to corporate corruption have also been revealed as lies. Plandemic has been disregarded by the masses and mainstream media as conspiracy theory nonsense with an anti-vaccine agenda. However, I have many friends who have reposted and shared the video on social media, which is how I came upon it. These people do not have a political agenda. They simply thought it was a credible and thought-provoking video. I suppose one could chalk that up to naivety but it’s not like they believe Infowars is a credible news source.

How did something so fictional and inaccurate connect with such a large audience? Marketing.

Plandemic projects itself as the voice of reason. Although far-right fringe groups will undoubtedly use it as political ammunition to support their agenda, the real target audience appears to be middle-class Americans, people who are willing to question the status quo with a reasonable amount of evidence.

The video is structured in such a way as to build credibility with its viewer and then regale them with an underdog story that has become a recurring theme in American history - an insignificant individual taking on a corrupt corporate entity to speak truth to power. We’ve seen this play out before in films like Erin Brockovich, the Insider, and Dark Waters.

Plandemic is professionally shot and edited to maximize its dramatic effect with archival news footage and a brooding musical score. There is no doubt that the video was produced with a slick production value.

In the opening scene, we are first acquainted to Dr Mikovits with a voice-over by the film’s director, Mikki Willis, labeling her as one of the most accomplished scientists of our generation. She holds a PhD in biochemistry, worked with a team that isolated HIV in saliva and blood, and had a groundbreaking article published in the medical journal Science (which was fully redacted but never mentioned by Willis). At this point, the video has established Mikovits as an expert authority in her field. Anyone watching is now more inclined to hear what she has to say.

The soft-spoken Mikovits goes on to tell her story of how the pharmaceutical industry silenced her by having her arrested without a warrant and jailed without being charged. She claims that her home was raided and evidence was planted. In order to stop them from destroying her life, she agreed to a 5-year gag order that would not allow her to speak of her discoveries about the common use of animal and human tissue unleashing devastating plagues of chronic diseases. Fast-forward to today where Mikovits is now speaking out against her oppressors and trying to save millions of people from taking poisonous vaccines that contain the viruses which have put us in our current predicament.

Within five minutes, Plandemic establishes an emotional connection with Mikovits as a victim and a martyr, similar to the characters we have seen in the Oscar-nominated films mentioned above. Many viewers may see this as a point of reference and liken her to these heroes that were in similar situations.

“They’ll kill millions as they already have with their vaccines,” says Mikovits of the pharmaceutical industry. She also states that wearing a mask activates the corona virus and that being put on a ventilator is killing people because it is the incorrect treatment. She also claims that Hydroxychloriquine, the drug endorsed by Donald Trump, is the most effective method of treating COVID-19 even though Dr Fauci says its results are only anecdotal. At this point, we may begin to question the science she is putting forward but who are we to tell an acclaimed biochemist she is wrong. She has already framed Fauci as the antagonist so his opinion doesn’t hold any weight as far as the viewer is concerned.

“Hopefully, this is the wake-up call of all America to realize this makes no sense and we win because we’ll take down the whole program . . .” Mikovits says in the closing scene of the video. How many times have we seen this outcome play out in so many films which have documented corporate cover-ups and victimized the average citizen? People love an underdog story where the victim finally prevails over the big bad corporations.

If someone were told to describe Plandemic, he or she may say it is a professionally-made documentary about a highly-decorated scientist’s quest to uncover corporate corruption that has been complicit in poisoning millions of people. That sounds like something I would want to watch. Without knowing the truth behind the allegations made in the video, it comes off as a competently made product with someone who seems credible in her field telling us of a situation that has frequently occurred in American history. It’s films like these that make us have to up our due diligence when interpreting and analyzing information.



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